PlayShifu Announces New Augmented Reality Toys

Bengaluru-based PlayShifu has expanded its successful Plugo and Orboot product lines and also launches new flagship line Shifu Tacto.

January 08, 2020
PlayShifu, the leading augmented reality (AR) toy company teaching foundational STEAM skills through physical and digital play, launches its newest products ahead of the 2020 International CES. New products include Shifu Tacto, three new gaming kits for Shifu Plugo and a whole new experience of its popular AR globe, Shifu Orboot, with two new planets to explore.

PlayShifu’s newest flagship AR gaming experience, Shifu Tacto, turns any tablet into an interactive board game. PlayShifu is also launching three new gaming kits for Shifu Plugo and a whole new experience of its popular AR globe, Shifu Orboot, with two new planets to explore.

PlayShifu is revolutionizing the world of tomorrow by providing educational STEAM play experiences for the kids of today. As screen time continues to increase for children, the founders of PlayShifu – both parents – wanted to embrace technology as a part of their children’s development and make screen time meaningful, not mindless. Shifu Orboot and Shifu Plugo, the brand’s top flagships, retain more active users for longer average periods of time beyond their purchase date compared to similar products.
PlayShifu has three flagship AR gaming experiences: Shifu Tacto (that turns any tablet into an interactive board game), Shifu Plugo (AR gaming system which builds STEAM skills through story-based challenges) and Shifu Orboot, that has AR-based planets to discover new eras, places, cultures and more.
The brand’s latest product line turns any tablet into an interactive board game through augmented interactions and tactile play. Shifu Tacto enables a live connection between figurines and a digital display, combining the skills of classic board games with animated content following each move a player makes. There are three different gaming sets to choose from, and each one comes with one playboard and one companion app. Gaming sets include:
Shifu Plugo is an AR-powered gaming system that consists of one gamepad, numerous interchangeable gaming kits and one companion app. Each gaming kit offers age-adaptive educational games and builds STEAM disciplines through story-based challenges.
Plugo Tunes (Ages 4-10): increase musical intelligence, persistence and creativity while learning to play piano through color association, Plugo Slingshot (Ages 4-10): boost physics skills with an AR-powered slingshot. Plugo Letters (Ages 4-10): improve language, storytelling and comprehension with exciting word games and fun, hands-on play.
Shifu Orboot is perfect for homeschoolers, classrooms and parents to teach kids about planets through interactive experiences. Using a touchscreen device, kids explore a physical globe through visual storytelling, music and voice interactions and in-app quizzes and challenges.
Powered by the Orboot app, available in eight languages, Shifu Orboot comes with one base, one companion app and offers two new interchangeable planets, including: World of Dinosaurs (Ages 4+): dive into the prehistoric world to learn about more than 50 dinosaur. Planet Mars (Ages 7+): get to know the space missions and rovers traversing Mars.
“As we enter a new decade, PlayShifu’s latest toys will continue to positively integrate physical and digital play to develop foundational learning skills,” said Vivek Goyal, CEO of PlayShifu. “Whether your child is discovering new cultures around the world or learning physics using a catapult, our toys use the benefits of modern technology combined with tactile play to enhance the STEAM learning experience.”
New products can be ordered on the PlayShifu website in 2020.
Playshifu is the leading AR toy company offering a variety of immersive, educational toys that connect the physical and digital worlds. The play experiences are specially designed for kids ages 2 to 12 years and build foundational, STEAM skills through fun. Founded in 2016 by Dinesh Advani and Vivek Goyal after they saw a need to provide meaningful digital play experiences for their kids, PlayShifu is now loved around the world. With offices in the Bay Area and Bangalore, India, PlayShifu products are available in more than 15 countries.
SOURCE: PlayShifu

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