Sphero adds Mini Golf to its educational product collection


The maker of programmable robots and STEAM-based educational tools, Sphero has an ecosystem of tools and content that gives kids, teachers, and parents to learn about coding and STEM or STEAM learning. September 18, 2020 Sphero Inc., a Boulder-based robotics company, aims to give young students their best shot at learning though a mini golf […]

AR-based Playshifu makes its Orboot App free without purchasing the physical toy


The leading educative toys and games brand which is headquartered in Bengaluru had recently expanded its product portfolio in the beginning of this year. May 14, 2020 Playshifu, the leading AR-based (Augmented Reality based) toys company has announced that their Orboot app is now free for any user without purchasing the physical toy. Aiming to […]

Elenco launches Expanded Snap Circuits Lineup and partners with Smartivity Labs

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The Illinois-based STEM Toys Company has also partnered with Smartivity Labs to distribute Smartivity branded educational toys and kits throughout North America. Elenco has introduced Snap Circuits Coding; MyHome kits to teach “electricity to everyone”; Teach Tech Screenless Coding, and Smartivity Activity Kits. March 17, 2020 Elenco, maker of the Snap Circuits line of STEM […]

Lego Education launches Spike Prime to teach engineering and robotics to kids

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The Spike Prime robotics kit is designed to introduce a younger, middle school-aged customer to robotics, engineering, and coding in a comprehensible way. February 19, 2020   Lego Education is launching a new line to teach engineering and robotics concepts to kids in a celebration of sorts for the STEAM-focused toy division’s 40th anniversary, i.e. […]

PlayShifu Announces New Augmented Reality Toys


Bengaluru-based PlayShifu has expanded its successful Plugo and Orboot product lines and also launches new flagship line Shifu Tacto. January 08, 2020 PlayShifu, the leading augmented reality (AR) toy company teaching foundational STEAM skills through physical and digital play, launches its newest products ahead of the 2020 International CES. New products include Shifu Tacto, three […]

Sphero introduces Mini Activity Kit

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The Mini Activity Kit by Sphero is STEM-inspired which fosters the imaginative and learning skills in children October 10, 2019 Sphero has announced the release of the Mini Activity Kit that includes every prerequisite that kids need to get rolling, coding, and playing. This STEM-inspired kit comes with an exclusive clear Sphero Mini app-enabled robotic […]

Sphero acquires littleBits to become one of the largest makers of educational toys

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With this recent acquisition of the New York-based littleBits which had invented the electronic building block, Sphero becomes one of the largest player in the educational toys market August 26, 2019 Sphero has acquired littleBits, a company best known for its electronic kits and educational resources that introduce kids towards learning through education. This deal […]

STEM Toys – Learning Made Fun and Playful

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The educative STEM toys integrate the concepts related to the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics with play-based learning. They spark the interests of young kids who are innately inquisitive to equip them with the skills that might prove relevant for their higher education. February 01, 2019 Toys are one of the major essential […]