Venture Catalysts backs diaper brand Superbottoms

Cloth diapers brand Superbottoms gets financial backing by a leading incubation platform

February 06, 2019
vcVenture Catalysts is a leading incubation platform that systematizes and provides a range of support to emerging enterprises, has invested in the sustainable cloth diaper maker, Superbottoms. Founded in December 2015 by Dr Apporv Ranjan Sharma, Anil Jain, Anuj Golecha and Gaurav Jain, the incubation company supports early age startups and enterprises with capital that usually ranges anywhere between USD 250,000 and USD 1 million.
The Mumbai-based diaper brand would utilize the raised capital in expanding the business, in creating awareness about the reusable and cloth diapers and also on extending its reach in the market. Though the disposable diapers segment is very extensive, however, the sustainable diaper industry is still at a developing stage.
superbottomsPallavi Utagi who is a MBA-graduate and has significant experience working in the pharmaceutical industry, came up with the idea to start a sustainable brand selling cloth diapers, i.e. Superbottoms. The brand was started in the year 2016 and has made its name as a sustainable and economical diaper maker.

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