Spin Master Launches Peek-A-Roo: An Interactive Panda-Roo Plush Toy

Peek-A-Roo is an interactive plush that responds to touch with over 150 cute sounds and actions.

September 06, 2021


Spin Master has introduced – Peek-A-Roo, an interactive plush toy having an animated pouch that reveals a baby inside.

Part panda, part kangaroo, – the soft and colorful animated plush toy has a magical interactive pouch with a surprise baby reveal. The magic begins when you press the toy’s foot and its pouch opens to reveal one of three possible mystery babies nuzzled inside.

Highly interactive play extends beyond the surprise baby reveal as Peek-A-Roo interactive plush responds to touch with over 150 cute sounds and actions. How you play with the Peek-A-Roo momma influences the baby’s mood and how it reveals itself. Momma can also sense baby and responds to it. With all the makings of a top toy, grownups love how Peek-A-Roo interactive plush provides “nurturing, games, singing, dancing and all the other entertainment elements my child enjoys,” according to the parent of a 6-year-old.

Chris Beardall, Spin Master’s President of Toys and Chief Commercial Officer, said, “Spin Master is synonymous with innovation, bringing to life magical creatures that hatch from eggs, defying gravity with flying pixies and now creating a new magical species with an interactive pouch and reveal that captivates children and parents alike,” said.

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The toy has the ability to dance, cuddle, play a game of hide-and-seek and more. Also, the toy can respond to touch with sounds and movements and senses where her baby is – you can see baby move in her pouch.

The plush toy is now available at major retailers.

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