Pampers to launch Lumi- A smart diaper system in India

The new diaper system is developed in partnership with Verily and Logitech

August 22, 2019
Pampers is launching Lumi, a system allowing parents to monitor babies’ diapers through a Smartphone app. This will feature a video monitor and includes activity sensors along with other data, and will indicate the parents when to change a baby’s diaper.
Pampers has announced this development that will track the baby’s movement by the means of this system called Lumi.It will notify parents to indicate the activities of babies including sleep and the status of their diaper. According to the company’s website, Lumi is the world’s first all-in-one connected care system. With this pioneering move, the box which gets delivered at the doorstep of the parents includes two activity sensors and a video monitor plus and a 10-days’ supply of diapers including an area in front for affixing the activity sensor.
The small sensor will automatically track the baby’s sleep habits and tell parents through the Lumi app when the diaper should be changed. Additionally, the video camera includes an HD monitor offering a wide-angle view and also two-way audio and night vision. It can also track the humidity level and temperature of baby’s room.
The diaper will be available in sizes 0 to 4. Apart from this, the parents will have to replace the sensors in every three months. It is also stated that soon Lumi will available online and the customers can also sign-in to the Pampers website now for the system’s waitlist.
Sourced via VMR News

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