Pampers India launches Welcome To The World campaign-conveys hope for a better future in times of uncertainty

The campaign which is conceptualized by Leo Burnett aims to inspire viewers and encourages them to hold on to their optimism, evoking hope for a better future.

May 26, 2020

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Pampers has released a heart-warming and uplifting short film titled #WelcomeToTheWorld which is a mother voicing out her feelings to her newborn. Based on the sentiment that even though there are unprecedented challenges and crisis like situation in the world, the mother is trying to impart her hopes and a deep sense of positivity when she holds her baby for the very first time. The short film is pinned on the idea that we should all hope for a better world and see the optimistic side of the situation that although the times are really tough, these times are also when we have all gotten a chance to connect more with our families.

In the film, the little baby is an epitome of newness, positivity and hopefulness and a mother’s first words to her baby shows that she wishes to instill the strength and positivity in her baby. Talking about the doctors and the frontline workers, the film also gives voice to the gratitude there is in all of us for the relentless work and services they have been doing for us. #WelcomeToTheWorld acts as a harbinger of optimism and instills hopes in viewers for a better world and future.

Abhishek Desai, Category Leader, Baby Care, P&G Indian Subcontinent says, “Pampers has been a confidence-boosting, spirit-lifting ally for parents. The idea for this film came from a conversation with a new mother. We are living in uncertain times, and one would think that bringing a child into the world can make a new mom anxious. But, she said holding her baby for the first time filled her with hope and positivity. This is the sentiment that formed the base for this film- and it’s so true! Even though we are living through an unpredictable time, we see people coming together like never before. Pampers #WelcomeToTheWorld highlights a message we feel is important – a message of hope. We hope that this film encourages new moms to re-imagine the world as they welcome their bundle of joy – filled with hope and love.”

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