Pigeon India: “Adaptability will be the most important factor for every brand whether it is an established one or any new startup”

One of the key players in the baby bottle market, Pigeon India is a leading maternity and baby care brand which operates in more than 100 cities of India. Mommy & Baby Times interviewed Mr. Chandan Biswal, Director at Pigeon India, about the transformations he foresees in the coming months for the business and the way in which the baby care brands come together in this global crisis, facing the unprecedented challenges.

May 25, 2020

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Pigeon Group had setup its presence in India in 2009, firstly with establishing its sales office in Mumbai and the baby care company used to import the products from other manufacturing locations till 2015 when it set up its manufacturing plant in Greater Noida. This facility serves as a production base not only for India but also for surrounding countries.

Japan-headquartered Pigeon Group was initially called Pigeon Honyuki Honpo (Nursing Bottle Manufacturing) Corporation in the year 1957 in Chigasaki City and it was renamed later. There are a wide range of baby care and maternity-related products offered by Pigeon India which are divided into 9 main categories: Breast Feeding, Nursing Bottles & Nipples, Cleansing & Sterilizing, Baby Skin Care, Baby Hygiene, Baby Oral Care, Weaning, Pacifiers & Teethers and Maternity Product.

MBT: As the pandemic has affected the global economy, what do you think will be the defining paradigmatic shifts in the way businesses function and how will Pigeon India adapt in the changed conditions? Also, what do you expect in the coming months for your business?

Chandan Biswal: This is a global pandemic and will have an impact which will certainly not be a short term one. It will change the behaviour of people in different aspects across age groups. The way people interact with the brands, the way people shop and their buying behavior will be distinctly transformed. Due to the COVID-19 situation, people will be more conscious towards hygiene and would like to maintain social distance in almost every situation and would limit their contact with people. People would prefer the sales touch point where there will be less contact with men, materials, money.

Most of the Pigeon products are essential products for mothers and babies, so, there will always be a demand for these products among the consumers. So, we are focusing on improving the supply chain structure, so that mothers can always access the products which are important to them and their babies.

MBT: How do you think the maternity, kids and baby care industry (and the startups) can respond, collaborate and gauge readiness to survive in view of the current pandemic and the implications it will have in the market?

CB: The different baby care, maternity and kids brands should now focus on bringing out innovations both in terms of products and the services. Adaptability will be the most important factor for every brand whether it is an established one or any new start up in the industry. The brands should invest their focus in building up their strengths and should look for ways in which they can navigate smoothly in this crisis.

Since, consumer behaviour will change in the future, thus, the businesses will have to institute and look for new ways in which they can make their products and services accessible. Pigeon always offers high quality innovative products as per the consumer needs and after conducting proper tests regarding quality assurance so that we bring the best quality products for our customers and we will plan to strengthen our network further.

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