MamaEarth’s Initiative to give away 50K Free Hand Sanitizers

Asia’s first brand with MadeSafe certified products, Mamaearth has partnered with a number of ‘Goodness Ambassadors’ for this initiative of donating 50 thousand hand sanitizers in this new initiative.

May 13, 2020


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mamearth has decided that they would give their hand sanitizers free to people in need as they have partnered with 1000+ goodness ambassadors across the country. The brand has come up with this very thoughtful initiative as they believe that in these trying and tough times, they would not like to mint money by selling their hand sanitizers. With the ‘Spread Awareness Not Fear’ campaign, Mamaearth wishes that people join in this movement by spreading the right information and avoiding panic and misinformation. By the means of informative videos and content on social media, the non-toxin and natural brand is seeking to lay stress and highlight the guidelines set forward by WHO.

‘The Coronavirus outbreak has created a public health emergency worldwide and there’s a lot of anxiety and apprehension among people. It’s only with the right information that we can prevent infection and ensure community health in the wake of this situation. Being a digital-first brand, we believe in the power of social media platforms as a tool for sensitizing people and spreading knowledge.’ said Ghazal Alagh, Co-Founder and Chief Mum at MamaEarth.

So as to make its way to maximum people and disseminating correct information, MamaEarth has got on board a number of leading bloggers, Youtube influencers, and other partners, and has appointed them as their ‘Goodness Ambassadors’. Apart from mentioning the WHO guidelines, these influencers are also giving away free hand sanitizers for distribution among the frontline workers like security personnel, healthcare workers, delivery agents, domestic help, and others around them who need it the most.

As a matter of fact, the company does not sell sanitizers as part of their product portfolio, however, MamaEarth has produced them especially for this cause in times like these. The entire batch of sanitizers has been manufactured strictly with 65%+ alcohol and other regulatory requirements to ensure 100% effectiveness.

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