LEGO Friends Celebrates its 10-Year Anniversary of Building Friendships and Future Creators

To celebrate the milestone of being around for a decade, the LEGO group is introducing eight new LEGO Friends sets along with the main hero set, and LEGO Friends Friendship Tree House.

January 12, 2022

Image Source: The LEGO Group

The LEGO Group is celebrating a decade of LEGO Friends and to commemorate the milestone, the LEGO Group is releasing an exclusive new celebratory set – the Friendship Treehouse – alongside seven other new sets to add to the popular Friends franchise.

Rosario Costa, Design Director, the LEGO Group, said, “LEGO Friends is one of our most beloved franchises and is a culmination of four intense years of anthropological research. Thousands of girls and their parents worldwide participated in intensive research that validated the desire for more realistic details, accessories, animal nurturing, friendship, interior building, and role-play opportunities in a LEGO offering.”

LEGO Friends originally set out to deliver on a desire for realistic role-play, creativity, and a highly detailed, character-based world with core values of LEGO building. Consequently, the theme introduced a new type of character, ‘the mini-doll’, designed to the same scale as the classic LEGO Minifigure but more detailed and realistic than had been seen before.

The Friends experience went on to add on an animated TV series (Friends of Heartlake City, Friends: The Power of Friendship and Friends: Girls on a mission) along with books, video games, a LEGO Friends magazine, LEGOLAND theme park attractions, and popular merchandise for children.

Heartlake City

For ten years the LEGO Friends story has centered on the everyday lives and personalities of five main characters in the fictional hometown of Heartlake City. Each of the friends – Olivia, Mia, Andrea, Stephanie and Emma have distinct qualities and interests, with the building sets designed to immerse children into different parts of town where the friends’ adventures take place – downtown, suburbs, beach, nature, camping grounds and mountains, to name a few.

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Friends 10th Anniversary Sets                          

Marking the 10th Anniversary, the LEGO group is introducing eight new LEGO Friends sets including the main hero set, LEGO Friends Friendship Tree House, which is packed with features to surprise and delight fans. Supported by a great building experience and roleplaying friendship stories, the set helps children explore what they can achieve when working as a team built on friendship.

Sourced via The LEGO Group

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