Vision Medicare Industries: Leading in a New Phase of Growth in Wet Wipes Manufacturing

Started in the year 2016, Vision Medicare Industries is one of the top-line manufacturers and exporters of wet wipes in India. In a joint interview with Mommy & Baby Times, Puneet Babbar and Manish Bhasin, Directors at Vision Medicare Industries, gave a detailed insight into the wet wipes manufacturing industry, their manufacturing plant, and their business strategies and shared their views on Mommy & Baby Times.
May 10, 2019
Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

Manish Bhasin and Puneet Babbar, Directors at Vision Medicare Industries

Mommy & Baby Times: How would you describe the growth in the wet wipes industry in India and what is your prediction of future growth in the sector ?
Puneet Babbar: In contemporary times, there has been considerable growth in the hygiene industry in India and an exponential growth in the wet wipe industry specifically. India has seen a robust statistical increase in acceptance and consumption of wet wipe. The recent graph of wet wipe consumption plots wet wipe as a necessity rather than a luxury. The scope of wet wipes has been broadening, touching upon all imperative segments, such as healthcare, beauty, baby care, cosmetics and hygiene. The widening scope and increasing relevance of wet wipes warrant immediate attention and intervention. So, we at Vision are trying in our own way to meet the demand for this needful healthcare.
MBT: Shed some light on the types of wipes and prominent manufacturers in the wet wipes industry in India?
PB: The Indian market does not have a wide range of wet wipes. The most commonly used baby wipes initiated and built the market followed by other healthcare wipes. Manufacturers in the wet wipes industry are spread across the world. They differ from one another in their setup for catering to local needs. Considering this poignant situation, we at Vision aimed to develop a wide range of wipes to meet the needs arising from all spheres. With effective research and development, we have been able to develop a wide range of wipes, such as intimate wipes, charcoal wipes, scrub wipes, QAC wipes (for healthcare), and bamboo wipes.
MBT: Describe the manufacturing operations of your products.
PB: We believe in micromanagement of operations which we think assures robust quality check. Our infrastructure adheres to all established quality norms and gives us the best space to create quality products. Our technical expertise provides the best fit confirming our zero-defect policy. Skill-based intervention, human resource allocation, dynamic leadership and supportive infrastructure facilitate quality production. Our production unit complies with the highest quality standards of ISO 9001:2015 and GMP 22716 accreditations from Intertek .
MBT: Are there any plans for diversification in the product line?
PB: Diversification is a product of creativity and intelligence. We have a broad vision of diversifying from our present array of products to developing new products catering to the micro needs of people. Our satisfaction does not rest only in wet wipe production;we also look for expansion in manufacturing OTC/personal care/baby care products.

“Our infrastructure adheres to all established quality norms and gives us the best space to create quality products… Skill-based intervention, human resource allocation, dynamic leadership and supportive infrastructure facilitate quality production.”

MBT: Describe your association with different Vision brands.
PB: At Vision we not only believe in developing a professional relationship but rather a personal alliance. We positively associate ourselves as contract manufacturers for various leading brands. Our huge list of satisfied customers and their appreciating feedback helps us positively construct and improvise the working.
MBT: What are Vision Medicare’s marketing and business strategies?
PB: We at Vision strategize our working according to the needs of the consumers. We initiate with doing action researches in understanding the needs of consumers, critically analyzing the needs and then devising the range accordingly.
Manish Bhasin: Marketing is handled by a team of experts, but it rests on intense research and development of products. Skilled personnel in departments like R&D and Microbiology join hands with the marketing team to create prototypes of huge success.
MBT: What are your views about Mommy & Baby Times?
PB: Mommy & Baby Times provides a perfect space for experiential exchanges. It is Indeed an honor to be associated with this reflective reading magazine / journal. We look forward towards wider correspondence and transactions with Mommy & Baby Times.

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