Timios: Re-strategizing and pivoting towards technology are the ways to tide through these tough times

Offering a wide range of packaged foods available in distinctive flavours, the primary objective of Timios products is to bring healthy and nutritious snacks keeping in mind the appeal and liking of children. The packaged food brand is committed to bring about a range of food products that provide age-appropriate nutrition to kids. Mommy & Baby Times interviewed Mr. Aswani Chaitanya, CEO and Co-Founder, Timios about how the COVID pandemic will bring a sea change in the way businesses functions, importance of re-assessing the strategies in these tough times and pivoting towards new technology and ecommerce will be playing a paramount role in sustaining the customers.

June 04, 2020

Started by brother-sister duo, Aswani Chaitanya and Hima Bindu, Timios provides age-appropriate nutrition to kids ranging from 6 months to 12 years old. Having seven categories of products, the Bengaluru-based FMCG brand offers finger food, munchies, energy bars, breakfast cereal, biscuits, probiotic bites and much more which are composed of ingredients that would provide age appropriate nutrition to kids.

The award-winning packaged food brand has products that are made of 100-percent natural ingredients and suitable for children as these products don’t have any artificial flavours, colours and excessive salt and sugar.

Aswani Chaitanya Timios Cofounder and CEO scaled
Mr. Aswani Chaitanya, CEO and Co-Founder of Timios

MBT: Since the pandemic and the lockdown has seriously affected various industries. What are the ways in which Timios has adapted in the changed conditions and what are the future plans to navigate through this crisis?

Aswani Chaitanya: The COVID 19 pandemic has impacted businesses across sectors. Irrespective of whether it’s a big company or a startup, the way businesses function will undergo tremendous changes over the next few months. At Timios, our focus has always been on quality and innovation because there is always a demand for such products. We will continue to focus on these two aspects. Now more than ever, parents are looking for quality products that are manufactured in highest hygienic conditions.

Secondly, in terms of adapting to changing conditions, we expect a lot more direct to consumer transactions. With many online and offline channels shut, over the last few months, we have seen a lot of consumers reaching out to us directly. We will soon be introducing an App where consumers can directly place an order and we are planning to implement some upgrades on our website as well. In addition, we have also recently rolled out the policy of monthly subscriptions.

MBT: Do you believe that the brands in the industry should reassess their business strategies to be resilient and what are the ways in which they could transform their approach as a response to this crisis?

AC: During difficult times like these, a number of factors play a key role in navigating through choppy waters.  Firstly, brands should communicate their value proposition clearly and play to their strengths. Don’t be 1 in 1000. It is important to differentiate one’s brand from the competitors in the market and clearly defining the key value proposition.

The next key factor is about having clarity on the sales channels and analyzing where the sales and revenues are coming from. If a certain channel isn’t working as per expectations, the next possible way out is of reaching out to the customers directly. Lastly, it is paramount to learn and adopt new technology as it can play a big role in getting more customers. If one hasn’t done this already, now is the right time to incorporate technology in running the business. In addition to all this, it is utmost important to ensure that the brand is constantly engaging and interacting with the customers as it helps in building loyalty which further helps in creating a sense of brand recall and thus, forms a strong connect with customers.


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