Elenco launches Expanded Snap Circuits Lineup and partners with Smartivity Labs

The Illinois-based STEM Toys Company has also partnered with Smartivity Labs to distribute Smartivity branded educational toys and kits throughout North America. Elenco has introduced Snap Circuits Coding; MyHome kits to teach “electricity to everyone”; Teach Tech Screenless Coding, and Smartivity Activity Kits.

March 17, 2020

Elenco, maker of the Snap Circuits line of STEM construction toys, has introduced expansions to its product range and has also partnered with the Indian STEM toy company- Smartivity Labs to distribute its products in the North American market. Snap Circuits have been the go-to product for teaching electronics for more than two decades. With ‘Snap Circuits Discover Coding’, Elenco has introduced the extension to the range with the coding feature. MyHome is designed to teach inquisitive kids about the fundamentals of electricity and empowers them to learn all about power in their households.

The innovative Mech-5 screenless-coding robot by Elenco is the finalist for 2020 STEM/STEAM Toy-of-the-Year award. Also, its Teach Tech line of build-it-yourself robots includes KC3 with screenless keypad-coding is another new addition to its product offerings.


Snap Circuits Discover Coding teaches coding by having the new Snap Circuits Coding App downloaded and control Snap Circuits projects using a smartphone or tablet. The basics of the coding can be learnt seamlessly with easy graphical coding. The advanced coders can move up to BLOCKLY coding and program their own patterns of lights, sounds, and moving parts. Illustrated project manual explains electrical and coding concepts with exciting coding challenges and tasks designed to illustrate the concepts of coding. This product is meant for kids of 8+.

Snap Circuits MyHome is designed to inspire non-techie and techie kids alike, empowering them with fundamental knowledge about how electricity in their home and in their world works. It answers basic questions like: How does the electric company get power to the households, and how does power travel inside the walls of a house? Also, questions such as what happens when I turn on a light and what happen when the power goes out?

Kids ages 8+ can build a house or city building with real, working, 3-D circuits, just like they use every day. With colorful base grids to spark creativity, kids can make their structures their own, all while learning how electricity travels and powers their home. They also get to learn about security systems, automatic lights, alarms, motion detectors, fan speed, generators, motors that power appliances, and more.

Mech-5 is the ONLY build-it-yourself coding toy with a mechanical-coding-wheel designed to be unplugged, a new concept of coding without a computer or app. After building, snap the coding buttons onto the coding-wheel, then watch Mech-5 perform functions like throwing, playing soccer, or drawing. Five different builds for long-lasting play value.

KC3 is a mission-based, build-it-yourself, Keypad Coding robot is designed with beginner-friendly building and coding. No computer, phone or screen! Build and rebuild into 3 roles Shooter, Doodler and Sweeper. The KC3 range features a coding keypad for kids to master basic coding commands to move the robot 8 different directions and the advanced coders can set KC3 for more difficult tasks and challenges.

Elenco has partnered with India-based Smartivity Labs to distribute Smartivity branded educational toys and kits throughout North America. Following Elenco’s Learn by doing philosophy, Smartivity offers Do-It-Yourself activity kits designed to help children ages 6+ understand principles of STEAM. Made from high-quality, re-engineered, laser-cut wood, all Smartivity products are recyclable, safe, non-toxic, and sustainable. Each kit comes with richly-illustrated, step-by-step instructions with experiments to ensure understanding of STEAM concepts learned through play.

Sourced via Elenco

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