Safe BeeSide Me, LLC to launch Stroller Controller™ in ABC Kids expo, Las Vegas

September 26, 2018
safe beeside meASHBY, MA— Safe BeeSide Me, LLC introduces the Stroller Controller™, a patent-pending safety innovation that easily attaches to single-handled traditional or jogging strollers to let parents walk in front of or next to their stroller, rather than behind it. Stroller Controller rectifies the dangerous situation of having a child out front and low to the ground, vulnerable to traffic, while the adult pushing the stroller struggles to see oncoming vehicles.
The Stroller Controller was developed after founder Sandra Perilli witnessed a near-accident in which a driver failed to notice a stroller being pushed out from between two cars until it was almost too late. “I saw how vulnerable the baby was, and how hard it was for the parent to see oncoming traffic,” says Perilli. “I knew there had to be a safer way to cross streets, get through busy intersections, and move through crowded parking lots with a stroller, especially with so many distracted drivers on the road.”
stroller controllerThe Stroller Controller extends and retracts smoothly and gives parents full steering control with one hand. An added benefit is the convenience of being able to open doors easily. When the trip is over, Stroller Controller collapses with the stroller; it can also be removed with the touch of a button if desired.
Visit Safe BeeSide Me and try out the Stroller Controller at the ABC Kids Show in Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth 2231 October 09 to 11, 2018.
Safe BeeSide Me, LLC is a Massachusetts startup deeply committed to stroller street safety and charitable giving. A portion of proceeds from every order goes directly to The Mr. Mo Project, an award-winning, non-profit National Senior Dog Rescue.
Source: Press Release of Safe BeeSide Me

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