Renewi and Essity teams up in the Netherlands

Netherlands aspiring for ecological sustainability by promoting recycling

July 05, 2018
renewiAn international organization working with the objective of manufacturing products from waste, i.e. Renewi has formed an alliance with Essity, a leading health and hygiene firm, in the Netherlands. It is a step towards the need for increased reprocessing of waste material into usable goods. Renewi has been engaged in developing a process to recycle the incontinence goods for quite some time with an aim to extract useful raw material from the waste products, particularly to recover a high quality cellulose fiber. It has an ecological sustainable model of production as: waste-to-product. This extracted cellulose fiber would have its extensive usage in the chemical industry.
This is specifically for an innovative recycling of incontinence materials and to lessen the amount of disposed diapers sent for incineration (a process involving burning up of waste material) in the Netherlands. And also considering the fact that the issue of waste management has been a global concern, it has almost become a desperate need to strongly encourage recycling of the waste materials.
essity logoEssity is a well-known organization which is a producer of leading products such as TENA and Libero, is functioning with a sustainable business model that gives prime importance to the environmental aspects. According to current statistic reports, the amount of nonwoven products is 4,00,000 tonnes that accounts to almost 5-8% of the residual waste that is sent to incineration per year in this country. The extensive reprocessing of the used disposable hygiene products would allow for a major contribution to the aspirations of the Dutch government to achieve a complete circular economy by 2050 by seeking to promote recycling and an extensive waste management system.
The chief focus in their partnership would be on to maximize the creative repurposing of disposable sanitation products. In this association, the role of Essity would be to provide insights about their products in their related markets. Renewi would be working with one of the largest producers of incontinence items and it would be primarily managing the source segregation as well as the assembling of these materials.
It was in 2017 that with the association of Shanks Group plc and Van Gansewinkel Groep B.V., Renewi plc came into existence. Essity was earlier called as SCA and it started its operations in the year 1929 in Sweden and it forayed into the hygiene sector in 1975 with acquiring the rights of Mölnlycke.

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