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PopYum is a parent owned and operated company with a vision to create innovative and better everyday baby products. Zak Wood, Founder and CEO of PopYum, divulges details about how he came up with the idea to start the baby feeding bottles in this interview with Mommy & Baby Times (MBT).
April 25, 2019
PopYum baby feeding bottles are made of safe, medical-grade silicone sourced from Japan and polypropylene from Samsung in South Korea. It keeps pre-mixed formula chilled, as these bottles store water and formula separately. It is a top rack dishwasher safe, doesn’t need a bottle brush to clean and it can get cleaned by normal sponge as it has a wide opening.

Zak Wood, Founder and CEO of PopYum

MBT: Enlighten us about the history of PopYum.
Zak Wood: With our first son, we had tried a lot of traditional baby bottles, and they all let us down as they would leak, spill formula and all this stuff which is considered commonplace. I and my wife kept thinking about how we can create something a little bit better. That’s when PopYum was born. PopYum stores powder formula and water separately in the bottle. Since, formula is stored separately in the bottle, it never goes bad and the parents no longer have to store pre-made formula in heavy ice packs. As well, babies no longer get freezing formula when hunger calls. This bottle is also great with breast milk—there are no leaks since the liquid is never touches the leak points of the tip of the nipple or the anti-colic vent. The name ‘PopYum’ comes from the action of making fresh formula (or releasing breast milk). You press the buttons on the bottle (or ‘Pop’) to release the baby formula into the water, then shake it up a few time, and then feed baby (or ‘Yum’!).
MBT: Tell us more about the product.
ZW: We have our mantra ‘Better for baby, family and the planet!’, and we totally abide by that as PopYum bottles are made of only medical grade silicone and premium polypropylene. When we designed the bottle, we had the following goals which we were able to achieve: it must be made of the safest materials, easy to use with a single hand (so parents can care for baby with the other hand), be anti-colic, have a wide mouth design, and having only a few parts to assemble and clean. We undergo extensive material testing. PopYum is BPA, BPS, latex, lead, nitrosamines, PET, phthalates, PVC and TPE free.

“The materials are documented throughout the production cycle, and we have a strong inspection in the facility during all stages of production… Our bottles are top-rated on Amazon with a 4.6 star rating by the customers… We are hopeful to bring PopYum to India very soon.”

MBT: What would you say about the production facilities and market presence?
ZW: We manufacture our bottles in China; however, we source the highest quality material from different parts of the world. The silicone that is used is procured from Japan and the polypropylene comes from Samsung in South Korea. The materials are documented throughout the production cycle, and we have a strong inspection in the facility during all stages of production. We have been selling PopYum on Amazon in the USA since August 2018. Our bottles are top-rated on Amazon with a 4.6 star rating by the customers who have used our products which is a matter of great prestige for us. As we are also humbled by the over dozen major awards and accolades which PopYum received by highly acclaimed parenting sites. We are planning on making the products available in a number of other countries in 2019 and 2020. We are hopeful to bring PopYum to India very soon.
MBT: What are the benefits of PopYum bottles and when should one go for them?
ZW: PopYum is great for both breast feeding and formula feeding babies. Most breast feeding moms who pump breast milk and occasionally feed baby using a bottle have had the experience of reaching into their baby bag and feeling that their precious breast milk has leaked through their regular baby bottles and soiled everything in their bag! PopYum eliminates this since the breast milk is completely isolated from the leak points of the tip of the nipple and the anti-colic vent. Formula feeding parents use the baby feeding bottle in a number of different situations. Traditional bottles produce bad bottle feeding experiences. If you pre-mix formula with regular bottles you have to store them in ice packs so the formula doesn’t go bad. Parents constantly worry about pre-made formula going bad and then when baby is hungry they get freezing cold formula. Parent who use regular baby bottles can also mix formula on-site. However, juggling a hungry crying baby while trying to make formula all too often results in spilling smelly formula in a car, on the side of the road, or in a store. All of these experiences are eliminated with PopYum!
Parents almost always use these bottles when away from home and for late night feedings. For late night feedings parents just put a loaded bottle next to baby’s crib. Then when baby wakes up in the middle of the night, parents no longer have to rush to make formula. They simple press the buttons on the PopYum bottle, shake a few time and feed baby! PopYum is also very popular at daycare services, with caretakers and when traveling.

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