New car seat law in USA

December 27, 2018
usaFrom the start of the New Year 2019 that is less than a week away, there will be new laws that would be introduced in Illinois, USA and amongst them; a new law on car safety will be put into effect. With the implementation of the law, children up to the age of two would have to be seated in rear-facing car seats only and once children reach the height or weight limit and shift to a forward-facing seat, safety seats with harnesses should be used for up to 65 pounds (29.5 Kgs).
There are no obligatory laws pertaining to the use of child safety seats in India; however, considering the fact that how vulnerable small children are in case of collision-like situations, some firm laws should be implemented here too. But, it is quite unfortunate that the prevailing outlook of our society downplays the importance of car safety seats. Child safety car seats are an extremely effective method of ensuring the safety of children and its importance should be emphasised enough to inculcate the awareness amongst Indian parents.

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