Mamaearth Launches ‘Beautiful InDeed’ Ad Campaign to Redefine the Meaning of Beauty

With this campaign, the leading personal care brand Mamaearth wants to position itself as a purpose-driven brand.

October 16, 2021


Mamaearth has launched their latest ad campaign titled “Beautiful InDeed” which aims to reinvent the traditional definition and concept of beauty in our society. The key message of the campaign can be ascertained as ‘Every act of Goodness makes us truly beautiful’.

“More often than we realize, we fall prey to the most conventional norms of beauty and classify people as beautiful basis their external features, however, innately we all know that what makes someone charming, or endearing is their actions, and we have tried to relay the same sentiment through the film,” Ghazal Alagh, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Mamaearth, said.

The central character in the ad film, Jia, has a birthmark on her face that isn’t exactly in line with the traditional concept of beauty standards. She is shown as struggling to make new friends at her school. Then, her mother sheds light on the fact that good deeds are what makes us truly beautiful. When she helps her classmates in fixing their ruined project, they eventually make her a part of their team and befriends her. Eventually, Jia realises that beautiful deeds are the core of real beauty as she began to be accepted and recognised by her peers for her helpful gesture.

The ad film by the toxin-free, personal care brand is a 3 minute-long video depicting the idea that beauty is what lies in the heart of a person which inspires them to do good for others. It reinstates the belief that beauty is not defined by our appearances, but by our deeds.

She added, “The campaign ‘Beautiful InDeed’ aligns perfectly with all the values we truly believe in. From day one we have built the brand on the premise that we want our products to be free of toxins and full of natural goodness. This is what makes every Mamaearth product truly beautiful because we make the effort to capture only the goodness inside.”

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According to Gaurav Arora, Co-founder, Social Panga, “Mamaearth has always believed in goodness in the choices we make and the campaign puts this purpose into action. Through #BeautifulInDeed, they wish to position Mamaearth as a purpose-driven brand that values actions and makes the consumers feel like they are a part of something bigger.”

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