Kao Corp. forays into Indian market

Mitsui & Co. expands its alliances by teaming up with Japanese firm Kao Corp.

August 08, 2018
kao corp.Kao Corp. has joined hands with Mitsui & Co. to enter into the Indian diaper market space with its product under the name of ‘Merries’. The Indian diaper market is continuously expanding as considering the current demographics, the births that happen every month roughly amounts to 2 million.
This product ‘Merries’ of Kao Corp. is one of the key brands in the Japan market as it makes annual revenue of over 100 billion Yen (Rs. 6300 crores approx.). With its market availability in some major Asian countries like Japan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Russia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore and Indonesia, it is evidently expanding its business.
Kao Corp. was incepted in the year 1887 and it’s one of the leading firms in the Chemicals and Cosmetics market in Japan. It has the brand ownership of more than 20 products. While Mitsui & Co., established in 1947, is its contemporary in the Japanese market working in the domain of energy, machinery, chemicals, food, textile, logistics, finance, and more. This recent collaborative marketing of Kao and Mitsui in India is quite significant especially because of the sustained growth in the Indian diaper market industry.

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