H&M and Danone Aqua launch sustainable kids wear

In the Bottle2Fashion initiative, two leading brands- a fashion company having worldwide presence and the bottled water company have joined hands to curb the plastic pollution, to repurpose, and recycle plastic to create kidswear.

October 07, 2020

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Swedish fashion retailer H&M and bottled water company Danone Aqua have partnered to introduce a line of sustainable kidswear made from using plastic bottle waste collected from the coasts of Thousand Island, Indonesia.

The upcoming collection is a part of the Bottle2Fashion initiative which was started in 2017 by H&M and Danone Aqua as part of their commitment to turn plastic waste into apparel. With the goal to repurpose the plastic waste into creating fashion products, the fashion brand is making new strides in the direction of sustainability and fashion. As plastic waste is one of the most prominent pollutants, the project has set its sight set on tackling this polluter by recycling such as plastic waste.

The kids wear range will have an assortment of hooded jackets and joggers in various colours and prints to suit the aesthetics and sensibilities of kids. Apart from the use of plastic bottle waste, the garments are also made with an organic cotton blend.

With the objective to produce sustainable fashion items, plastic bottles are collected, categorized, washed, and shredded into plastic flakes. In the next step, the flakes are processed into recycled polyester material at H&M’s textile manufacturing partner, PT. Kahatex before it is transformed into ready-to-wear fashion products, according to its press statement.

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