Cybex launches e-Priam- the first of its kind e-stroller

The newest product launch by Cybex is revolutionary as it has a smart algorithm designed to ease out travelling and empowers parents

August 27, 2019
Cybex has introduced e-Priam-the first of its kind e-stroller that features innovative technology that will enable the parents to “travel more, carry more, and fit more into their busy schedules.” It incorporates revolutionary smart technology with a luxurious design in the first e-stroller by Cybex that is intelligent, intuitive, and exceptionally innovative.
With the help of the power button on the frame, the e-stroller can actually be controlled effortlessly. The sensors present in the handlebar monitor reduces the pushing and pulling effort, as there is a smart algorithm which guides motors integrated into the frame- giving a helping hand while being on the move.
The e-Priam enables to glide up and down hills with ease, and smartly adapts to rough terrain like sand, gravel or cobblestones as it features Uphill support, Downhill support and Uneven surface support.
If one doesn’t switch on the power button, the e-Priam works like a regular Priam, a stroller that was also recently introduced by Cybex Global. The parents can control when to allow the e-function kick in by pushing the power button on the rear axle, and the smart technology will only work when someone is holding on to the handle.
The LUX Carry Cot attachment for the new Priam enables sophisticated and comfortable family travel. The spacious unit boasts generous dimensions and maximum comfort. The LITE Cot is a lightweight mobile travel attachment for the new Priam and MIOS. High comfort combines with simple, versatile handling to make it the perfect travel companion for active families.
The LITE Cot has a high-quality and robust material which offers optimal all-round protection against wind, cold, rain and sunshine. The LITE Cot features a high-quality breathable memory foam mattress as well as 100% cotton interior. Its extra-lightweight, hard wearing fabric membrane makes it easy to fold the LITE Cot together with the frame for quick, space-saving storage.
The e-Priam and Priam stroller can be customized according to the taste of an individual by combining the frame of one’s choice with a wide range of seat packs to choose from that can completely transform the look of the stroller.
Headquartered in Bayreuth, Germany, Cybex was founded by Martin Pos in the year 2005. The company offers a range of car seats, strollers, baby carriers and furniture pieces and it had embarked on its business journey with the Child Safety products, i.e. with car seats. In early 2014, Cybex had merged with Goodbaby International Holdings Limited, i.e. one the leading global durable juvenile products companies based out of China.

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