Chicco Home Travel Bottle Warmer – Ideal for Warming Up Milk & Baby Food

The Home-Travel bottle warmer by the baby care brand has a host of advanced features allowing mums to warm up milk and baby food conveniently at the right temperature for their little one whether at home or on the go.

January 04, 2022

Chicco Warmer

When it comes to must-have baby products, a baby bottle warmer is on the wish list of every new parent. Especially in the cold weather, it is always advised to feed babies with milk nicely warmed up. Chicco has come up with the Home-Travel bottle warmer with advanced features to help mothers ease out their tasks. While juggling between tasks and taking care of the newborn baby, Chicco’s Home-Travel bottle warmer is a smart solution allowing mums to warm up milk and baby food conveniently at the right temperature for their little one whether at home or on the go.

Chicco’s Home-Travel bottle warmer has everything that a new parent needs. Thanks to its ideal heating cycle for both food jars and baby bottles, the warmer preserves the nutrients of milk and food. Easy to operate touch panel, it features a dedicated function for warming up breast milk and comes with defrost setting for thawing any cooked-up purees or foods. With its car plug-in connector, parents can easily carry it while travelling and warm the food or milk as per their convenience as and when they need to give it to the baby.

When choosing a bottle warmer, parents must pick one that’s convenient, safe, and easy to use. Chicco Home-Travel Bottle warmer with the below-listed features can turn out to be your best bet.

Chicco Home Travel Bottle Warmer

Fast, accurate, and helps you save time: It just takes 4 minutes to heat milk and baby food, starting at room temperature. And the desired temperature can be maintained for up to 1 hour after the end of the heating cycle

Ideal for home usage and on-the-go: The design of Chicco’s Home-Travel Bottle Warmer also includes a car plug-in cord that makes it perfect to be used for heating the milk and baby food even while travelling.

Preserves breast milk nutrients: Thanks to the gradual and consistent warming process of the Chicco home travel bottle warmer that helps to preserve the nutrients present in breast milk as they are important for a child’s growth.

Easy touch panel & various modes of functioning: It has fast heating for infant formula in minutes, gentle warming mode for breast milk to preserve nutrients, gentle defrosting for thawing, and also has a food jar heating mode.

Auto-shut Off feature: The device comes with an audible alarm that notifies you of the completion of the heating cycle. And for additional safety, the device switches off automatically at the end of the cycle to prevent over-heating.

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Safe and easy to handle: it includes a jar/bottle holder that offers support in terms of gripping the bottle and food jars minimizing the risk of burns.

The warmer is priced at INR 3,299 and is available on Chicco India’s official website.

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