BabyPro Child-Proof Door Blocker for Baby Safety

The Door Blocker, a first-of-its-kind range made from strong and durable non-toxic materials, has been designed, and tested over a period of 12 months for Indian homes.

January 06, 2022

BabyPro Door Blocker
BabyPro Baby Safety Door Blocker

BabyPro has launched Door Blocker– a dual-purpose door blocker, which is an amazing addition for homes that protects you and your baby’s fingers from getting pinched on the hinge (joint) side as well as the lock side of the door. The blocker is made of hard silicone and metal rods to bear the weight of the heavy doors of Indian homes. It prevents accidental slamming of the doors as well.

The Door Blocker, first-of-its-kind, is made from strong and durable non-toxic materials and has been designed, developed over 12 months to make it suitable for Indian homes. It is completely conceptualised, devised, and produced in India. It works well in all indoor and outdoor conditions.

The BabyPro baby safety Door Blocker is a modern version of old wooden door stoppers that are not installed at the bottom of the door and are hence beyond the reach of kids. It is also forget-proof i.e. it starts working automatically as soon as the door opens.

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With an elegant design, BabyPro Door Blocker is easy to install and requires only one-time installation. It seamlessly blends in and matches any décor style.

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