Boingg Kids: Bringing Kids’ Furniture Defined By Safety, Elegance and Functionality

Gurugram-based kids’ furniture brand Boingg Kids was started in February 2019 by Mrs. Neha Indoria and Mr. Dhruvan Barar with the aim to solve the need of parents looking for functional, safe, customized, and colourful furniture for their children. 

November 20, 2020

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Designing a child’s bedroom and choosing safe and functional furniture units can be pretty challenging considering the fast pace at which kids are growing up these days. With that being said, it is important that the perfect balance of comfort, practicality, and creativity has been achieved while furnishing the kids’ bedrooms. Putting this notion at the core of its business, Boingg Kids was founded in 2019. It is a kids’ furniture startup that brings inspiration to parents through a beautifully crafted selection of furniture designed to suit the aesthetics of the kids’ spaces.

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Mr. Dhruvan Barar and Mrs. Neha Indoria – Founders of Boingg Kids

Mr. Dhruvan Barar, Founder of Boingg Kids states that “We started our entrepreneurial journey about 5.5 years back. In our first venture, we were manufacturing residential furniture to be leased and it was primarily a B2B business. In the meantime, we also use to get requests for custom furniture from B2C customers and almost all of them had requests for kids’ furniture.”

The realization of a distinct lack of functional and safe furniture for kids’ spaces in the Indian market led to the establishment of Boingg Kids, as he narrates “our co-founder, Neha had just had her daughter and she was looking for great furniture options for her daughter’s room. The sheer paucity of great looking, functional, and safe furniture led us to research more in this area and we realized that a big gap exists wherein young parents do not have great options at a reasonable price range to fulfill the needs of their kids’ rooms. Thus, Boingg! was born.”

Shaping well with functionality

Outlining the product portfolio of the company, Mrs. Neha Indoria, Co-Founder of the brand shares that: “our current product portfolio includes – beds, study tables, cribs, changing tables, nursing chairs storages, wall shelves, bed linen, sofas, chairs, teepees, clocks, and other decor products.”

Being influenced by global trends, many millennial parents are increasingly buying varied furniture and décor products for their kids, that have resulted in a significant uptake in the segment.

Highlighting the key strengths of the product range, she affirms that “our range can be defined as – fun and fantastic looking furniture. We have only used pure cotton fabrics for all the upholstery and soft furnishings, with an intense focus on the safety and functionality of each product. We pride ourselves in providing a broad array of products across categories and we will continue to add more products to this range almost every month.”

The products are reasonably priced, i.e. they are in the mid-premium range. Moreover, one can customize any of its uniquely designed furniture products which are shipped all over India and it is delivered and installed for the buyer.

Addressing the huge gap in the market due to the lack of options in the segment, Barar said “most of the other organized players in the market fall into two categories – it is either cheap, low quality/plastic furniture or it is extremely overpriced custom furniture which largely can’t be bought product-wise. The only alternative to these two options is to go to your local carpenter with a Google image and then hope that what you thought, what he understood, and what got made is all the same thing, which isn’t exactly a favourable situation. Thus, we offer our customers to have the ability to choose according to their own aesthetics and sensibilities.”

Strategies and Market reach

Adducing the unique strategies adopted by them in the light of the present context and being resourceful, he said “we are trying to employ strategies and production methods that keep us capital-light and coming up with creative solutions to old problems like the shop-in-shop concept to solve the need of having a physical store.”

Sharing details about the market reach and the growth of the brand, Neha asserted “Post COVID, our reach has only grown stronger and stronger both in terms of revenue and our brand recall with parents. Given the fact that we cater to almost all major cities in India, currently, our customer base essentially includes young parents nationwide with kids in the age group of 0-8.”

Kids’ Furniture Market and Growth Roadmap

According to market estimates, the Indian kids’ furniture segment is growing at a steady rate of 20 percent year-on-year and is estimated to be a Rs 7,000-10,000 crore market.

Pointing to the roadmap ahead, he added “we have recently launched a feature on our website through which customers can customize their furniture themselves and directly place the order on the website. The future roadmap is to keep coming up with innovations like these and increasing our reach nationally and internationally by the year 2022.”

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