Tinkerly Promoting Coding education in K-12 with STEM Toys Now Available in Hindi

The EdTech startup is now also promoting vernacular content, i.e. the content in regional Indian languages, in view of the fact that Tier 3 city children are more comfortable with their mother tongues as compared to English.

December 28, 2021


Tinkerly, an EdTech startup promoting coding skills and STEM education amongst kids, has become the first EdTech brand to come up with coding courses in Hindi.

As per the latest UDISE (Unified District Information System for Education) report for 2019-20, more than 25 percent of all schoolchildren in India now study in English-medium schools despite Hindi being the most popular medium of instruction, accounting for over 42 percent of enrolment.

Tinkerly is one of the few EdTech coding platforms that have come up with content in Hindi. The objective is to give an opportunity to young learners who come from Hindi-speaking backgrounds and prefer Hindi as their language of communication and education/instruction.

Additionally, Tinkerly has also started promoting vernacular content, i.e. the content in regional Indian languages, as most Tier 3 city children are comfortable with their mother tongues.

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According to a recent study, it has come to light that only 17 percent of Indian kids study in English medium schools, while 49 percent of Indian kids study in Hindi medium schools. Keeping in view that coding courses are available only in English, Tinkerly has added Hindi in a bid to make its coding courses accessible to every student.

Tinkerly offers coding courses on Robotics, IoT, and AI taking the kids’ education beyond the screen with a rich blend of STEM toys in online live classes. Firstly, the toy company helped schools add STEM education kits during regular courses and then eventually became a company that set up Tinkering Lab or Innovation Lab in schools along with providing a coding curriculum as per NEP guidelines.

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