Smart Diaper Technology: AlertPLUS™ developed by Simativa

Australia based firm has signed an agreement with Drylock Technologies and has developed a smart diaper technique as a useful aid to parents and caregivers.

August 31, 2018
smart diapers
Simativa Limited has developed a smart, wearable and disposable technology for the global diaper manufacturing industry. This technology AlertPLUS™ would notify the caregivers by sending a message to their smart device (Phone, Tablet or Computers) about ‘time to change’ alerts. This recent smart diaper technology using hyper low-cost wearable sensor would send data to a smartphone application.
The recent agreement that is signed between Simativa andDrylock Technologies would directly impact its four major market base in North America and Europe. Drylock Technologies is a European manufacturing firm of diapers and other hygiene products. This agreement is in regard to the marketing and sales of infant and adult products includingSimativa’s AlertPLUS™ platform technology.
The Company produces a portfolio of sensors and systems striving to meet the demand for smart diapers with an alert function. The innovation represents a clear unmet market need to provide a low cost, intelligent product to a rapidly growing market which produces approximately 180billion diapers annually. This industry currently generates approximately USD 64 billion (Rs. 46,000 crores approx.) in annual revenues in the diaper industry.
Australia based Simativa has developed an unprecedented technology and its strategy is entitled PIVOT and provides a roadmap to deliver new product to enormously expanded international markets, whilst generating real and sustainable cost reductions within the business for adult and infant diaper industry. Simativa has its operative offices in New Wales (Australia), North America and in Europe as well.

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