Skillmatics: Foreseeing an uptake in their educational and engaging products

Developer of innovative educational products, Skillmatics offers high quality educational toys/games which build core skills and reinforce key learning concepts in young kids. Mommy & Baby Times (MBT) caught up with Mr. Dhvanil Sheth, Founder and CEO of Skillmatics as he shares the new developments at his company and how the company will transform the way its business operates addressing the crisis evoked by the current pandemic of COVID-19 which has affected so many lives around the world.

May 22, 2020

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Mumbai-based Skillmatics which was started in 2016 has carved its niche in the educational toys and games market across the globe as it became the first brand to have presence in Hamleys globally. Also, another key achievement for the company was that it became the number one educational toys brand on Amazon just within six months of its launch.

Skillmatics’ products are available in more than 15 countries through its own website, various ecommerce marketplaces, and an international network of more than 3,000 retail stores.

MBT: What has been the latest development or innovation at Skillmatics?

Dhvanil Sheth: Skillmatics has taken a number of measures to ensure that we are there for our consumers during this crisis like situation due to the pandemic. We have launched a number of digital products so that learning can continue at home and parents can keep their children engaged through our engaging and educative products. These include digital versions of our best-selling products, a range of DIY activities and a special Stay-At-Home Safety Kit to help parents keep their children safe and engrossed.

In light of the current situation, we have provided all of the above for free to all our consumers globally on our website as it is such an unprecedented situation and crisis. The response has been phenomenal so far and we have recorded over 100,000 downloads since we have launched these digital versions.

MBT: With the crisis evoked by the global pandemic, what do you think will be the key trends for various businesses and what do you expect for your business in the coming months?

DS: The global pandemic that has brought so many unprecedented challenges for us, there will be dramatic shifts in business models in a post COVID-19 world.

We believe that there will be three key trends that will play out globally in 2020 –

– E-commerce will grow exponentially as consumers will prefer to buy online
– Globally, companies will reduce supply chain dependency on China
– Parents will go for solutions to engage and educate their children at home

We are very optimistic that coming out of this crisis, these above trends will define the market and will benefit us significantly.

We expect huge demand for Skillmatics’ educational toys and games to explode in 2020 and we are already seeing very promising signs. In fact, our sales have shot up 400% in markets and regions which haven’t implemented the lockdown. Furthermore, there has been a tremendous increase in export orders as many companies are now looking for products which are not from China.

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