Silver Cross launches new Doll’s Pram- Snow Princess

The British Nursery brand has added new Special Edition to the Doll’s Pram series

September 05, 2019
silver cross
Silver Cross has recently introduced ‘Snow Princess’ to the collection of Doll’s Pram. The Snow Princess pram has sparkling paintwork, the hand stitched, fully lined hood and a apron set which has a brand new shimmering pink fabric. A beautiful rag doll is also included in the pram which is dressed in a lovely white satin dress with organza trim, soft pink flower details and soft pink slippers.
This limited edition dolls pram changing bag is also included in the same sparkling pink or lilac-coloured fabric as the dolls pram to keep the dolls’ accessories in. Each pram is decorated with an exquisite removable white fur hood trim and there is also an icicle print lining.
The Silver Cross Doll’s Pram is handmade using traditional methods in Yorkshire, England. Incorporating the finest materials and finishes, they have the exact same coach-built quality and style that the British brand is known for.
The British company also manufactures a collection of coach-built dolls prams, which are scaled-down models of the full size coach style prams. The dolls prams are developed in exactly the same way as the full size classic prams with the similar coachwork, spooked wheels and folding hood. Silver Cross currently manufactures two models of full-size coach-built pram in the UK- the Balmoral and the Kensington, and two models of dolls pram- the Oberon and the Chatsworth apart from the recently launched Snow Princess. It is the only pram manufacturer still producing coach-built prams in the UK.
Silver Cross is renowned for manufacturing traditional coach-built prams that are characterized by a hard body, C-spring suspension, spoked wheels and folding hood. This method of pram building was pioneered by William Wilson, an engineer and inventor from Leeds, England who started the company Silver Cross in 1877.
Silver Cross has a wide range of prams and pushchairs, a furniture range for home and nursery, as well as a range of car seats and accessories. Called as the ‘de première classe’ in the strollers’ category, the name Silver Cross has long been trusted by the royal family for generations. The company had carved a niche for itself by the mid 1900s for designing and manufacturing the world’s most exclusive and exquisite looking baby coaches- which came to be known as the “Rolls-Royce of prams”.

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