Pigeon (India) starts a brand new skincare range for babies

A fresh skincare range having Sakura extract started by Pigeon

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Pigeon (India) had announced the start of a skincare product range for babies. This new skincare range has Sakura extract providing natural moisturization that would let the sensitive skin of babies not to dry out or get flaky.
This skincare range contains Sakura Baby Milky Lotion, Sakura Baby Wash 2in1 and Sakura Baby Oil 2in1.The flowering cherry tree especially in Japan is called as Sakura which are symbolic of the spring season.
With the objective to offer a wide range of products and services for mothers and babies, Japanese businessman Yuichi Nakata founded ‘Pigeon’ in the year 1957. It is headquartered in Japan and having subsidiaries in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Korea, China and USA and Singapore is the regional headquarter for the ASEAN nations (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).

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