Pabs Company starts its organic brand from the ground up

The newly launched Pabs Company would sell luxury Organic baby products

August 22, 2018
pabs companyPabs Company which is launched in August 2018 has come up with a new exhibition pop up store. These shops, while small and temporary are used by companies to build people’s interest in their product or services. Popup store or flash retailing is a trend of opening short-term sales spaces and this idea had originated in Los Angeles. Pabs Company is set to foray in the Organic clothing industry in India as it is building its business from the ground up.
Pabs Company does high-end luxury Organic baby products, selling organic fabric, muslin, bedsheets etc. Their range comprises of baby bed sets, signature onesies, mittens, cap set, swaddles, feeding pillows and so on. With people getting insights on the sustainability associated with organic products, the Organic clothing industry is yet to carve a strong niche in India. However, there has been a significant rise noted in the Indian consumers opting for the Organic products over other conventional options. Moreover, the demand in the organic textile is consistently growing at a very significant rate.

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