Mother Sparsh introduces after bite Turmeric Balm

Known for its 100% biodegradable and 99% water-based baby wipes, Mother Sparsh has introduced new product- after bite Turmeric Balm to alleviate from rashes, mosquito bites and skin irritation

November 18, 2019
Mother Sparsh launches after bite Turmeric balm to its range which is composed from natural ingredients like haldi (turmeric), sarso (mustard), coconut which provides relief from insect bite, rashes and minor skin irritation. The Mother Sparsh after bite turmeric balm is totally safe to be used on delicate skin of babies. It has anti-bacterial, anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the possibility of infection and inflammation and is formulated specifically for normal to sensitive skin.
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Based on Ayurveda inspired natural home remedies, Mother Sparsh has brought after bite turmeric balm which provides relief from insect bite, rashes and minor skin irritation. It is enriched with ingredients such as natural extracts like Turmeric, Mustard, Jaitoon and Pudina. It is therefore an effective aid in skin conditions like eczema, itching skin eruptions, acne and rashes. It comes under one of the product category of the brand – ‘Baby Health’.
The brand had recently launched two products in succession- Natural Insect Repellent gel and India’s first Kids cooking oil. The Natural Insect Repellent Gel is completely organic and is safe to use on kids as it is Deet free and gives an all-round protection from mosquitoes, ants and fleas. Also, the ‘India’s first’, the Kids Cooking Oil is enriched with the benefits of OMEGA 3 + OMEGA 6 and essential vitamins like A, D & E.
Mother Sparsh has products grouped under three categories- Baby Hygiene, Colic and Baby Health, out of which ‘Baby Hygiene’ features the range of 98% water-based baby wipes which are scented and the unscented 99% water-based baby wipes. These wipes by the company are made up of plants and are free of any chemicals such as paraben and is completely hypoallergenic. The range ‘Colic’ has 100% Ayurvedic tummy roll on, doesn’t has any preservatives or chemicals in its constituent. The category of ‘Baby Health’ features the newly introduced ‘after bite Turmeric Balm’ and the ‘natural insect Repellent Gel’ containing pure essential oils.
Founded in 2015, Mother Sparsh is one of the emerging Indian brands whose mainstay is the idea of sustainability and to bring products which are ecologically safe with the least or negligible use of any chemical, essentially using natural ingredients.

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