Mother Sparsh: “From a business’s operational viability aspect, we should use this time to strengthen our business network”

Started in 2016, Mother Sparsh is one of the emerging Indian baby care brands whose mainstay is based on bringing products which are ecologically safe, essentially using natural ingredients making its range to be thoroughly biodegradable. The company known for its 100% biodegradable and natural products has recently introduced a plant-powered range of products.

Mommy & Baby Times (MBT) had a chance to interact with Mrs. Rishu Gandhi, Founder of Mother Sparsh, about how the company is gearing up to sustain the business with its strategic leverage amidst these trying times.

May 22, 2020

mother sparsh

MBT: In the current scenario of COVID-19, what are the different strategies and ways in which Mother Sparsh is working towards maintaining the business and how is it preparing to cope in this crisis?

Rishu Gandhi: We have seen some changes in consumer behaviour in current times. Absence of e-retailers like Amazon and Flipkart has seen the queries for products getting redirected to our website, leading to a 400% rise in orders made directly. Additionally, we have seen that parents who were purchasing just a few pieces have started buying in bulk. They have also started placing orders for our other products like lotions, detergents, insect repellents etc.

In near future, we do see a shift towards products that are organic and have medicinal properties. We are equipped to provide the best in the market as we are already the leaders in organic wet wipes segment.

We have already conducted a few campaigns during these tough times and the results have been phenomenal. Engaging the target audiences via digital means has been the go-to strategy for us. We also have in place a tie-up with Delhivery to ensure delivery of the products in a timely, efficient, and safe manner. Alongside the campaigns, we have also launched our Plant-Powered range which has Baby Lotion, Baby Wash, Laundry detergent, Cleanser, Diaper rash cream, Face cream.

MBT: How do you think industry (and the startups) can respond, collaborate and gauge readiness to survive in view of the current pandemic and the implications it will have in the market?

RG: We as an industry player believe that our focus should be on client engagement. In the current scenario, when everyone is under lockdown, we should use the opportunity and make dedicated attempts to educate the masses. From a business’s operational viability aspect, we should use this time to strengthen our business network- of service providers, retailers, logistic partners, etc that depends upon the nature of business.

We must also judiciously use this phase to prepare for the challenges in the coming times, which lies ahead once the lockdown is lifted. Some changes are necessitated in workplaces too, wherein social distancing and minimal staffing would be the new normal. Besides, once we are up and running, people will look at filling the gap caused by unavailability of products in the market. This would require adequate stocking for prompt delivery of products. Meeting the sudden spike in demand will be a challenge but we are bracing up for it.

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