Mommypure Diaper Care Range – A Comprehensive Diaper Care Regime for babies

The baby care brand has an assortment of diaper care products which is enriched with natural ingredients to provide delicate nourishment to the baby’s gentle skin.

July 12, 2021

The Diaper Care range of Mommypure

Mommypure has the complete Diaper Care range for babies which includes – India’s first Rinse-free Baby Bottom Wash Spray, The Innovative Baby Bum Butter, and Protective Baby Diaper Rash Cream made with all-natural ingredients.

The baby care startup offers a range of safe and natural baby care products, a range of hygiene products, and it has come up with some category-first products. The brand has been certified by CertClean, rePurpose Global, and PeTA which further testifies the commitment of the brand to ensure purity and sustainability in its ethos.

Soothe & Refresh Baby Bottom Wash – India’s First & Only Rinse-free diaper area wash


The One of its kind Soothe & Refresh Baby Bottom Wash has gentle natural ingredients to soothe the delicate skin of the young one during every diaper change without causing any irritation. Aloe Vera extracts and Coconut oil gently cleanse and lock moisture within the baby’s skin in a natural way.

Also, chamomile and neem extracts help to bind the moisture and keep skin free from inflammations and bacterial infections. It is perfectly pH-balanced for a baby’s delicate skin to cleanse without over-drying.

This Baby Bottom Wash is super easy to use as all you need to do is spray it on the baby’s diaper area during change, wipe clean with a wet wipe or soft damp cloth and the baby feels fresh & clean. Give it a try today for your little one!

The Caring Touch Diaper Rash Cream – Super Protection from Diaper Rashes


The Caring Touch Diaper Rash Cream is made with the best of organic and natural ingredients; it prevents, heals, and protects the baby from diaper rashes. It contains 15% zinc oxide that provides faster relief from painful diaper rashes and protection against chemical irritants found in disposable diapers by forming a protective layer on a baby’s delicate skin.

Natural oils extracted from – olive, jojoba, sunflower, grape seed, and chamomile protects against inflammations and bacterial infections. These are rich in Vitamin A, E, K and have antioxidant properties to provide gentle care to a baby’s delicate skin.

Further, its ingredients such as – aloe vera, and shea butter are known to hydrate, nourish and lock skin’s natural moisture for the baby. The patented Bioactive Alpaflor® Edelweiss is a new level of protection for a baby’s skin as it enhances its resistance to external environmental factors.

Happy Bummies Baby Bum Butter – Ultra-hydration for Dull & Dry Bums


Another Category-first product, Happy Bummies Baby Bum Butter is the much-needed dose of nourishment for babies as it keeps baby’s bums from getting dull & dry after spending long hours in nappies. This Bum Butter is enriched with all-natural ingredients, and it leaves the baby’s skin feeling smooth, healthy, and protected as they deserve.

It has a blend of seven natural oils to provide all the love and care those tiny bums need. Natural butter from – shea and mango seed work their magic and not just give soothing comfort but also promote the healthy skin of your little angel. The patented bio-active ingredient PEPHA®-PROTECT acts as strong protection for the baby’s skin as it strengthens the skin’s natural defense and helps prevent DNA damage in skin cells.

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Check out this Complete Diaper Care Range for your little munchkin on the brand website.

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