Magformers introduces Max Playground Construction Set

The Max Construction Set is STEM-accredited and it can be build up in a variety of ways as the basic foundation of the brand is laid on the proposition of fostering and encouraging creative skills leading to cognitive intelligence in kids.

October 16, 2019
Magformers has introduced the Max Construction Set which comes with an instruction booklet depicting 10 different ways in which the Max’s playground can be build. One could follow along the instruction steps or build whatever play-set a kid could conjure up in his imaginations as there are endless construction possibilities. The little one could build anything they can imagine when they use the Magformers Magnetic Rainbow shapes and Max character and accessories to create houses, towers, playgrounds and more.
The set is build in rainbow colors with four triangles, twelve squares, one sector and accessories including four bricks, two windows, one swing, one slide, two clocks, one bathroom, one fence, one seesaw, one Max Character, one balcony and one bike. It is STEM accredited and it is ideal for brain development, critical thinking and education. The entire set is made from BPA Free HQABS Plastic.
With the basic premise that there is a strong connection between creative play and the cognitive and social development of a child’s brain, Magformers brings a wide range of toys such as Magnets in motion, Educational, XL Cruisers, Basic Plus Sets, and so on. There are about 170 products in this brand (Magformers), besides than four other lines (Kidsme, DOLCE, Clicformers, Tileblox) adding up to around 500 items.
Magformers is owned by a company called Gymworld Inc. based out of Seoul (South Korea) Magformers has been expanding while drawing attention as the most intelligent toy in the history of global educational toys. The market reach of Magformers is quite extensive as it is available in about 60 countries worldwide.
Based in Canton, Michigan; Magformers LLC is a privately held firm which was founded in the year 2006. The construction toys brand has a patented, ‘always attracting’ magnetic technology that is designed to deliver a unique constructional play experience for the kids. The company has achieved plenty of awards and notable mentions such as the 2018 Toy Buzz Awards, 2018 Family Choice Awards, and numerous other honorable nominations in the educational toys category since the time of its inception.

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