LEGO Minifigures celebrates 40th anniversary

2018 marks the year of the 40th birthday bash for LEGO Minifigures which has been one of the prominent Blue Chip Companies since its inception

August 31, 2018
lego minifiguresIt was in the 1978 that LEGO minifigures were released. Thus, this year 2018 is the celebratory year for the LEGO group as it is also the 60th year anniversary of the plastic studded brick sets. It all started in the year 1974 when the LEGO building figure went for production for the first time, which was created mostly of large square LEGO bricks with mobile arms but fixed legs.
There has been a range of unspecified range of these legendary minifigures and along with it a line of the popular culture characters from Harry Potter, Marvel Comics and Star Wars. The number of these LEGO collectibles has risen from 20 characters to 8,000 individual pieces in the period of forty years. Its original series has also been released in the market recently called by the name Series 18: Party Minifigure Sets.
The earliest LEGO Minifigure was a tiny police officer who came in a small set with a police car and very soon, the other stock miniatures each with the standard design of having yellow heads and hands and smiling faces were launched in the market. In the earliest series, there was a police officer, a doctor, firefighter, a knight and an astronaut.
minifiguresThe LEGO Group is a privately held, family-owned company headquartered in Billund, Denmark, and having main offices in Enfield, USA, London, UK, Shanghai, China, and Singapore. Established in the year 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen, it is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of play materials. According to its own news release, in 2018, the company has been continuing its partnership with WWF and been actively involved in its aim to reduce CO2 emissions. It would also continue working towards its ambition to use 100% sustainable materials by 2030.

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