For Today’s Child, foldable kids car seat by Nachfolger

The first safe, foldable kids car seat is conquering the everyday life of young parents.

October 18, 2018
1Mobility, work-life-balance and self-realisation. These are the key words of the millennial generation. In the automobile industry most of all, one notices the changes and the shift in society, as more and more young parents opt not to have their own car and instead depend on “urban mobility”, making use of mobility services such as drive now, car2go, drivy, Uber and so such. These digital natives no longer prize status and prestige; family, leisure and freedom play the central role. Mobility is the means to an end.
The Industry is ignoring the Zeitgeist
“We constantly ask why kids car seats are constantly getting heavier, more complex and complicated, although the parents have a whole different focus”, says GerdMitter, co-founder of Nachfolger, who has been involved in the development of kids car seats for well-known manufacturers for more than 15 years.
The founders caught on to the Zeitgeist and responded to the unanswered question: Why is there no safe kids car seat for the needs of urban parents? They heard it as a challenge and took it up themselves.
The HY5
Light, compact, foldable and most of all safe: This is the new kids car seat HY5 (Note: it is pronounced High five). A hybrid seat for new-borns through age 5. It has a weight of under 5KG. The easy handling, the light weight and the ease of installation combine all the important aspects. You can take it with you everywhere as a handy bag; the seat is a convenient companion in all situations in your mobile lifestyle.
Source: Press release of Nachfolger

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