Chicco India launches baby laundry detergent

The newly launched detergent by the leading baby care brand is specially formulated to clean baby’s clothes.

March 07, 2020

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Chicco has launched baby laundry detergent. The little one is relying on you for everything including clean clothes and bedding that will not irritate delicate skin. Everything starting from milk feed, to constant spit outs and diaper blow outs that come in contact with his/her clothes making the parents change baby’s clothes couple of times in a day. Not just this, baby’s clothes get a wide variety of other stains too such as ghee & oil, dirt, dust, fruits stains etc. which usually is not the case with adult clothes. Therefore, removing all these stains and germs while ensuring that the baby’s clothes continue to look good, smell fresh at the same time can be a daunting task for parents. Chicco, a leading baby care brand which understands the needs of mom and babies has come up with the best in class offering in this segment with its New Laundry Detergent especially formulated for cleaning baby’s clothes.

More so, knowing that a newborn’s skin is so sensitive, parents are not willing to take any chances and as a result of which they seek a laundry detergent that is specially meant for babies i.e. it should be gentle on the skin and proves its efficacy on these broader set of baby stains.

Key features of Chicco Baby Laundry Detergent

The product is specially formulated to effectively clean babies and children’s clothes with its 5 times action that takes care of the larger set of stains that a baby gets as compared to adults and also kills 99% of bacteria and fungi on the clothes. The product is dermatologically tested on sensitive skin which assures that it is gentle & safe for the baby’s skin and clothes. The laundry detergent is free from chemicals like Phosphorous, Fluorescence, Brighteners and Colorants. This can be used for both machine wash and hand wash as well and it leaves clothes delicately fragrant post-wash.

Chicco is the flagship brand of Artsana Group. Artsana started its Indian operations in 2010 with its 100% subsidiary headquartered at Gurgaon. In the past 9 years, Chicco has been able to make its significant mark in Indian baby care market. Chicco has an Omni-channel presence in India through multichannel distribution including Chicco exclusive brand stores, specialty baby shops, online partners and distribution. Chicco believes in offering the same global product experience to all its consumers across all the countries the brand is present in. The products are manufactured in Italy, India and many other countries under strict quality parameters and safety standards.

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