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Bey Bee which was started in the year 2013, has emerged strongly in the ever growing Indian baby care market. It recently introduced toxin-free baby wipes which are hypoallergenic and are 98% water-based. Shish Kharesiya, the founder and CEO of Bey Bee had an exclusive interaction with Mommy Baby Times (MBT), giving us a rundown of his brand and the rising growth in the baby care industry. Excerpts from the Interview:
October 04, 2018

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Shish Kharesiya, the founder and CEO of Bey Bee

MBT: Bey Bee was incorporated as a “Make in India” concept startup. How does Bey Bee contribute towards “Make in India” policy?
Shish Kharesiya: I would like to assert that Bey Bee is a brand that is totally in rhythm with “Make in India” initiative. Our brand is high on innovation and it uses state-of-the-art technology for its research and development. The manufacturing units are based out of India. Zero defects and zero effects is the policy behind the creation of the brand i.e. that the products do not have an adverse effect on the environment and uses sustainable solutions.

“Zero defects and zero effects is the policy behind the creation of the brand”

MBT: Discuss about being the first toxin free baby wipes manufactured by Bey Bee in India.
SK: Bey Bee wipes are India’s first water wipes; the purest water based wipes for new born babies with extremely sensitive skin and it has 98% water content. This product has been made safe for use with many testimonies like hypoallergenic tested, hypoallergenic certification by SGS, dermatologically tested, Made-safe Australian and toxic free Australian certifications. These Vitamin-E enriched wipes do not use alcohol or parabens. The mild wipes offer pure and soothing care like a mother’s; to clean the area and thoroughly dry the skin. The advanced research and development based innovations and robust quality assurance processes of Bey Bee make this a reality.
MBT: Bey Bee is a leading brand of baby dry sheets. Brief us about this segment of yours and how are Bey Bee dry sheets different from other brands?
SK: Dry sheets were the first product we had launched; these sheets are multilayered, water proof, having breathable membrane with ultra absorbent capabilities that can bond to comfortable surfaces. The mats are reusable which makes for an economical choice. These noiseless sheets are bacteria, dust and mite resistant with anti-allergic properties. The soft porous fabric can hold water up to 8 times its weight. Babies can sleep comfortably without using diapers for long hours as the sheets have a dry fast ability. Organic and natural ingredients are used in creating the sheets, i.e., the coating are chemical free.
This product gave the brand, the impetus the Bey Bee brand needed to top the list of preferred baby brands in the markets throughout India, majorly south, north and northeast in India. The exceptional quality and service delivered by Dry Sheets resulted in an overwhelming response from the customers. The launch of other products was driven by the many suggestions that we received from these customers to launch more natural, organic, chemical-free, safe and toxin-free products for babies.
MBT: How important is it for the baby products to be safe and natural? Does Bey Bee adhere to being natural and other safety standards?
SK: Bey Bee came into existence to fill in the gap for safe, natural and tested baby care products in the market. Most of the baby care products use chemicals which are harmful to the babies’ sensitive skin and bodies. An ideal baby product needs to be natural, organic, toxic-free, alcohol free, paraben free, chemical free that doesn’t cause any allergies or discomfort to the babies. It also needs to be backed by solid and thorough testing.
The Bey Bee brand is totally committed to creating such kind of baby products. To provide parents with value added, honest, practical and personalized value-added services. Bey bee has strong research and development capabilities coupled with extremely robust quality assurance processes. The products are not only created with the best know-how but also fortified with certifications from well-known third party bodies.
MBT: What promotion and marketing techniques does Bey Bee believe in for building a strong and sustained brand?
SK: Bey Bee’s products speak volumes for themselves. The brand focuses on its core values of delivering the safest and best quality products for sensitive babies. We believe that the best approach to promote our products is by ensuring exhaustive quality checks that we perform to deliver reliable products. The positive response from our customers is our biggest and strongest marketing technique. The sales of our products and growth of our customer base majorly comes from the promotions by word of mouth by our loyal customers. Our focus on using safe, organic, natural and chemical free ingredients provide our customers with an extremely satisfying experience which spreads in the communities and societies strengthens our brand image. We have a strong online presence that gives us a wide customer reach.
MBT: Comment about the current Indian baby care products industry and its future growth potential.
SK: The Indian baby care products industry has grown sharply in the last few years. The birth rate in India is 51 births per minute. The market is growing tremendously backed by awareness of natural products, increasing disposable income and a shift towards nuclear families. The industry has a huge potential to grow; the growth rate is forecasted to remain well above 6% over the next five years.
MBT: Does Bey Bee plan to innovate or diversify its product segment line in India and overseas?
SK: Our future plans include launching more products range which are natural & toxin free. In 2017 we sold 2.5 lakh units and now we are targeting a 3 times more growth. We are entering into the toiletries and other baby care products market. Offline expansion is another initiative towards which we are working. Our customer base has reached up to 4.5 lakh from 1 lakh till last year. This is a fourfold increase, out of which, at least 40% are our loyal customers. We are targeting a wider customer reach also as with extending our presence all across India.

  •  Sold 2.5 lakh units in 2017
  •  3 times growth target
  • Customer base : 4.5 lakh
  •  Working towards offline expansion


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