BabyOrgano Products Benefiting over 10,000 Kids in the First Year

BabyOrgano products, which are GMP certified, are chemical-free and cruelty-free. Further, the brand hopes to nurture about 1,00,000 kids in 2021-22 with their ancient, natural, and chemical-free herbs.

August 23, 2021

Riddhi Sharma, Founder of Baby Organo

BabyOrgano, an Indian brand that sells mother and baby care products, has launched BabyOrgano Swarnaprashan. This new product helps improve digestion, increase appetite, nourish skin, and benefit the overall health of children.

The product has benefitted over 10,000 kids in the first year alone, resulting in the sale of about 10,000+ units of the same.

This brand was found by a mother to simplify life for other mothers. The founder saw the lack of natural products in that market which would be gentle on babies. She realized that there were very few baby and mother care brands available in the market which are natural and safe to use.

As a result, she founded BabyOrgano in 2019 to help nurture kids by keeping them connected to their Indian roots. BabyOrgano products are hence the outcome of intense research on natural herbs and plants.

Being supporters of women empowerment, BabyOrgano products are all developed by women-run organizations where underprivileged women get the opportunity to earn and become financially independent. As a brand, BabyOrgano wishes to be a friend as well as a companion to every parent, so as to enjoy and experience the joy of parenting together. Every product of BabyOrgano is derived from mother earth and natural ingredients. Over the years, the brand has seen a significant increase in the sales of its toxin-free products.

Motherhood is the most rewarding and responsible part of an individual’s life. The responsibility to take care of oneself and their baby can be difficult. It is important to make healthy choices and provide the best care for the baby.

BabyOrgano products, which are GMP certified and meet quality assurance tests, are chemical-free and cruelty-free (which means they are not tested on animals). Further, the brand hopes to nurture about 1,00,000 kids in 2021-22 with their ancient, natural & chemical-free herbs.

The Founder promises that she will only introduce the products that she is confident to use on her son and by keeping that promise BabyOrgano’s first consumer is her son. All products are being used by her son in daily life and then it goes live for the other customers to use. The brand has since aimed to optimize safety and provide the best care for children and their mothers.

Riddhi Sharma, the founder of BabyOrgano said, “We believe in natural products. We feel building can only survive the storm if its foundation is strong; the same way our adult body can only sustain and survive from any kind of infections if it has been nurtured with natural products from infancy.”

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Their range of products includes Swarnaprashan, herbal kids’ toothpaste, gentle baby wash, herbal chocovita, colic hing roll-on, natural cold relief roll-on, natural ubtan, nourishing baby lotion, tomatino baby shampoo, soothing baby massage oil, newborn baby combo, toddler combo, and so on. Their products can be purchased directly from the website or most online shopping platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, FirstCry, etc.

Source: ANI Press Release

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